Month: June 2016

Where to Find a Reliable Provider to Purchase UPC Codes From

If you are in the market for UPC codes, you probably don’t need me to convince you why you should buy them.  However, if you’re still on the fence as to why you should bother buying UPC codes, here is the main reason why: You need a UPC code because you want to avoid product confusion. You might think you’re doing a very decent job in labeling your products and creating a solid brand online. Well, unfortunately, your perception might not necessarily be reality. You might think you’re doing a great job differentiating your product lines and specific models from each other.

Sadly, given how vast the online global marketplace is for physical products, it’s very easy for even the best laid product designation and identification plans to go to waste seriously. This is especially true if you’re a manufacturer and you have hundreds of independent resellers or distributors pushing your product. They might be putting different identification numbers on your products. There’s a tremendous amount of consumer confusion. You might even find yourself in a situation where consumers are ready, willing and eager to buy your stuff, but they can’t make a decision because it seems that you have so many different products out there having different price ranges and even different features.

In reality, your consumers are actually just comparing among a handful of products. Sadly, they have no way of knowing this because your distribution network uses a confusing array of product identification schemes.

If you want to cut through all the confusion, you just need to adopt new UPC codes. It makes it all that much easier for consumers to find your products and compare your products as far as features and prices are concerned. This enables retailers as well as manufacturers to sell better in the United States.

If these aren’t compelling enough reasons for you, here’s one final reason and this should seal the deal. Increasingly massive retailers like Amazon are requiring manufacturers looking to sell in the United States to have UPC codes. This is non-negotiable.

Now that I’ve convinced you, and I hope I didn’t twist your arm, the next issue to tackle is, where you should purchase UPC codes from.


Unfortunately, UPC code sellers are not created equal


The sad reality is that UPC codes are not created equal. I wish that UPC codes were some sort of commodity like wheat or rice that you could buy from one source after another and not have to worry about quality. Unfortunately, that is not the case. You are constantly faced with an overarching danger. The danger is that there are duplicate numbers out there and sadly, there is no shortage of people that would be more than happy to separate you from your hard-earned dollars.

There are all sorts of scams out there. One common problem is duplicate numbers. Another common problem is that you get numbers that aren’t registered and, for all intents and purposes, don’t exist. Neither of these situations is good. You don’t want to end up holding an empty digital bag. You need to become familiar with the following cast of characters when trying to purchase UPC codes online. By being clear as to who you’re dealing with, you increase the likelihood that you will buy from a reliable and trustworthy provider of UPC codes.


Fly-by-night sellers on e-commerce forums

There are many e-commerce forums that exist to help entrepreneurs to put up online catalogs and e-commerce websites. These forums can be very helpful to entrepreneurs since they get information they need to not only design, conceptualise, and build their sites, they also get tips on how to adequately promote their online stores. There are also many forums which help entrepreneurs boost their product pages’ overall conversion rates.

Unfortunately, these forums are also littered with people who peddle UPC codes in very unethical ways. Many make wild claims. Many use fake testimonials or other sales materials. Many of these also sell fake UPC codes. While e-commerce forms are great because they can help you enjoy a lot of selections as far as vendors go, they also have big drawbacks. The main drawback of e-commerce forms is that they tend to attract shady operators. They also tend to attract people who are just simply reselling UPC codes.

In and of itself, there’s nothing wrong with reselling a UPC code, but you have to have the customer support infrastructure to back up your reselling activities. Sadly, a lot of the resellers don’t have that customer service infrastructure.


Sellers on eBay

eBay is great for buying all sorts of products. But this doesn’t apply to UPC codes. Why? There are just too many shady sellers there.  You have to remember that when somebody goes on eBay, they can assume a different identity after they have unloaded their shady product. It’s like playing whack-a-mole. For every fake account shut down, another ten fake accounts would replace them. It can get tiring really quickly.


My choice

Personally, I’ve only sourced my UPC codes from The reason why I trust them is that this is their complete business. They’re not some random fly-by-night operation on eBay that sells UPC codes on Monday and scams products on Tuesday. This is only due. They do this all day every day. Since they are professionally focused on selling UPC codes, I am assured of the fact that they have the customer service infrastructure to take care of me if anything goes wrong down the road.