Where to Find a Reliable Provider to Purchase UPC Codes From

If you are in the market for UPC codes, you probably don’t need me to convince you why you should buy them.  However, if you’re still on the fence as to why you should bother buying UPC codes, here is the main reason why: You need a UPC code because you want to avoid product confusion. You might think you’re doing a very decent job in labeling your products and creating a solid brand online. Well, unfortunately, your perception might not necessarily be reality. You might think you’re doing a great job differentiating your product lines and specific models from each other.

Sadly, given how vast the online global marketplace is for physical products, it’s very easy for even the best laid product designation and identification plans to go to waste seriously. This is especially true if you’re a manufacturer and you have hundreds of independent resellers or distributors pushing your product. They might be putting different identification numbers on your products. There’s a tremendous amount of consumer confusion. You might even find yourself in a situation where consumers are ready, willing and eager to buy your stuff, but they can’t make a decision because it seems that you have so many different products out there having different price ranges and even different features.

In reality, your consumers are actually just comparing among a handful of products. Sadly, they have no way of knowing this because your distribution network uses a confusing array of product identification schemes.

If you want to cut through all the confusion, you just need to adopt new UPC codes. It makes it all that much easier for consumers to find your products and compare your products as far as features and prices are concerned. This enables retailers as well as manufacturers to sell better in the United States.

If these aren’t compelling enough reasons for you, here’s one final reason and this should seal the deal. Increasingly massive retailers like Amazon are requiring manufacturers looking to sell in the United States to have UPC codes. This is non-negotiable.

Now that I’ve convinced you, and I hope I didn’t twist your arm, the next issue to tackle is, where you should purchase UPC codes from.


Unfortunately, UPC code sellers are not created equal


The sad reality is that UPC codes are not created equal. I wish that UPC codes were some sort of commodity like wheat or rice that you could buy from one source after another and not have to worry about quality. Unfortunately, that is not the case. You are constantly faced with an overarching danger. The danger is that there are duplicate numbers out there and sadly, there is no shortage of people that would be more than happy to separate you from your hard-earned dollars.

There are all sorts of scams out there. One common problem is duplicate numbers. Another common problem is that you get numbers that aren’t registered and, for all intents and purposes, don’t exist. Neither of these situations is good. You don’t want to end up holding an empty digital bag. You need to become familiar with the following cast of characters when trying to purchase UPC codes online. By being clear as to who you’re dealing with, you increase the likelihood that you will buy from a reliable and trustworthy provider of UPC codes.


Fly-by-night sellers on e-commerce forums

There are many e-commerce forums that exist to help entrepreneurs to put up online catalogs and e-commerce websites. These forums can be very helpful to entrepreneurs since they get information they need to not only design, conceptualise, and build their sites, they also get tips on how to adequately promote their online stores. There are also many forums which help entrepreneurs boost their product pages’ overall conversion rates.

Unfortunately, these forums are also littered with people who peddle UPC codes in very unethical ways. Many make wild claims. Many use fake testimonials or other sales materials. Many of these also sell fake UPC codes. While e-commerce forms are great because they can help you enjoy a lot of selections as far as vendors go, they also have big drawbacks. The main drawback of e-commerce forms is that they tend to attract shady operators. They also tend to attract people who are just simply reselling UPC codes.

In and of itself, there’s nothing wrong with reselling a UPC code, but you have to have the customer support infrastructure to back up your reselling activities. Sadly, a lot of the resellers don’t have that customer service infrastructure.


Sellers on eBay

eBay is great for buying all sorts of products. But this doesn’t apply to UPC codes. Why? There are just too many shady sellers there.  You have to remember that when somebody goes on eBay, they can assume a different identity after they have unloaded their shady product. It’s like playing whack-a-mole. For every fake account shut down, another ten fake accounts would replace them. It can get tiring really quickly.


My choice

Personally, I’ve only sourced my UPC codes from https://www.ean-upc-codes.com. The reason why I trust them is that this is their complete business. They’re not some random fly-by-night operation on eBay that sells UPC codes on Monday and scams products on Tuesday. This is only due. They do this all day every day. Since they are professionally focused on selling UPC codes, I am assured of the fact that they have the customer service infrastructure to take care of me if anything goes wrong down the road.


Where to buy UPC codes?


Flicr – Chiara Marra *

If you need to buy UPC codes, then you know that it can be a very tricky situation. It’s not as clear cut as many other online entrepreneurs think. In fact, the more they hang on to the idea that it’s very easy and straightforward to buy UPC codes or EAN codes, the easier it is for them to get ripped off. Yes, things have gotten that bad.

If you’re trying to figure out where to buy UPC codes and not get ripped off, you’ve come to the right blog post. I’m going to spell out all you need to know about how to buy UPC codes and where to buy them. First, some background. The best way to figure out how to do something is to first get a clear idea as to why you’re doing it.

Why you need UPC codes in the first place

Anybody selling any kind of product online knows that consumer confusion is the number one enemy of online commerce. When consumers are confused regarding any kind of product, they can be relied on to do one thing: They won’t buy anything. That is a very common reaction to any kind of product confusion.

It’s easy to see why this is the case. If consumers are unclear as to whether they’re looking at the same product or they’re comparing among similar products, they are quite hesitant to part with their hard-earned dollars and would sit back until they get more reassurance.

Online shopping networks like Amazon have figured this out fairly early on. This is why Amazon requires UPC codes. UPC codes are 12-digit code systems used to identify products. UPC codes are used primarily in Canada and the United States.

If you’re sure that you will be selling only in North America, it’s extremely important that you get UPC codes. However, if you are sure that you are going to be selling only outside of the United States and Canada, you can get away with not using UPC codes. Does this mean that you’re free and clear of any kind of universal product identification system? Absolutely not. If you are not going to be selling in North America, you need to get EAN codes instead. These are 13-digit product identification codes for you products.

Whatever the case may be, you need these codes to ensure that whatever product you are offering has a unique identification number. This is crucial to avoid confusion. When consumers are looking at a product and it’s assigned a particular number, they can rest assure that when they compare that product with another product using the same number located on another ecommerce platform that they are comparing the same product. Do you see how this works?

This increases the overall level of trust regarding your brand as well as the ecommerce platforms that these products are featured on.

What the main focus of UPC codes should be for your business

If you’re going to be using UPC codes for your online offerings, it’s tempting to think that the only reason you should do it is to avoid consumer confusion. While this is a very important factor, your main focus should be to enhance your online brand. The more professional you look in the eyes of prospective buyers, the higher the likelihood that they would buy from you. It really is that simple.


Flickr – Allen Watkin **

While it’s a good idea to get UPC codes for product identification, you should also tie this into the overall perception you’re creating around your online shopping platform’s brand.

Where to buy UPC codes with maximum peace of mind?

Before I tell you my recommendation regarding the place where I get my EAN and UPC codes from, I’m going to step you through my decision making process. You see, before I found this particular provider, I used to do things the exact same way as other online merchants and online entrepreneurs: I made decisions by the seat of my pants.

As you can probably tell, doing things that way can get quite expensive and can waste quite a bit of time very quickly. I learned my lessons the hard way. To find the provider that I’m going to recommend, I went through a process that I set up to weed out unscrupulous or untrustworthy providers of EAN and UPC codes.

How to determine trust

The first step in looking for providers that you should consider is, you need to find a way to determine trust. Can you trust these online companies? What kind of external or objective considerations or indications should you focus on, so you can make a truly inform decision?

I relied primarily on online reviews, bloggers, and social media chatter. While these are very important factors to consider, keep in mind this one central fact: Just because something is posted on the internet doesn’t automatically mean it’s true. Sure, when you come across a review your automatic impulse is to trust the review’s judgment. After all, you’ve been conditioned to think this way when you read many movie reviews in your local newspaper in the past.

The problem is, there are many reviews out there floating on the internet that suffer from a nasty case of conflict of interest. The reviewers are actually making money for every sale generated by that review. You can bet that the reviewer doesn’t have your best interest in mind because they are pushing one particular service ahead of others. It may turn out that the ideal service for your particular set of circumstances might actually be different from the service being recommended by that review.

Always understand that this conflict of interest is always present regardless of whether you’re looking at service reviews, blog posts, and social media chatter. This happens across the board. Always be on the lookout for how this conflict of interest plays out.

Pay attention to how a particular website or social media account positions reviews. If you notice that there’s a pattern of highly positive reviews, chance are that source is contaminating. Chances are you’re dealing with a review source that it’s suffering from a nasty case of conflict of interest.

Providers with some quality assurance system

The next filter that I used when figuring out where to buy UPC codes is internal quality assurance systems. In particular, I was looking for providers with some sort of internal system to ensure that they do not give out duplicate numbers.

You see, one of the biggest dangers with EAN and UPC codes is going with a provider that’s actually shelling out the same codes over and over again to their customers. They are hoping that people won’t catch on. This is a very big danger. This can waste a lot of time and if you have a huge inventory of goods that require unique identification numbers, it’s important to make sure that they have an internal system to weed out duplicates as well as nonexistent numbers.

bar wall

Flickr – Andrea de Poda ***

Providers with accreditation

It’s a good idea to work with industry groups or other large commerce platforms in you niche who can vet or recommend a particular provider. The more credible these recommending entities are, the more trust you should place in a particular provider. In a way, they are risking some of their credibility recommending one provider over others.

Look for guarantees

Finally, if you’re looking to figure out where to buy UPC codes, look for some sort of guarantee. There has to be some sort of assurance that if something goes wrong or something gets knocked loose, you will have some recourse. This is not always clearly spelled out. In certain situations, you might be left out all on your own, so it’s really important to be on the lookout for providers that have some sort of guarantee. At the very least, insist on getting a replacement number if the original set of numbers they have given you turn out to be problematic.

My recommendation

Given the process and filters I used, I highly recommend https://www.ean-upc-codes.com

They meet all my selection criteria. I’ve gone through quite a bit of a hassle finding them and I’m recommending them wholeheartedly to you with no reservations. I am confident that whatever you’re looking for in a UPC code vendor, you can find from this truly stand up firm.

* Image taken from https://www.flickr.com/photos/chiaramarra/540296737/in/photolist-PKaoZ-sazNpC-4qwvLc-qa7RDw-b8T2q8-6tVtJB-rhmpn2-kPdn1n-p7mmRY-pmNApS-aLmLFe-ay6drB-ws9g-4FHmBN-92oBJP-dYWaP-c9tZxL-4uHBGC-8F6bMi-4ET3N6-c9tV3E-c9tV9U-ywyCjp-CALDTF-9PUh4s-c9tVRL-c9tW6C-c9tXtS-c9u1jj-c9tVYJ-c9tYa9-c9tXYu-c9u1BE-c9tYqb-c9tXd9-c9tWWE-c9tYXL-c9tYFW-c9u12m-c9tWwb-c9tVsJ-c9tZLQ-c9tVKj-c9tXA7-c9tWF9-c9tUTW-c9tXT5-c9tXjA-c9tVmo-c9tXHW (licenced under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0) https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/)

** Image taken from https://www.flickr.com/photos/allenthepostman/2409057265/in/photolist-4ET3N6-c9tVRL-c9tW6C-c9tXtS-c9u1jj-c9tVYJ-c9tYa9-c9tXYu-c9u1BE-c9tYqb-c9tXd9-c9tWWE-c9tYXL-c9tYFW-c9u12m-c9tWwb-c9tVsJ-c9tZLQ-c9tVKj-c9tV3E-c9tXA7-c9tWF9-c9tUTW-c9tXT5-c9tXjA-c9tVmo-c9tV9U-c9tXHW-c9tYNJ-c9tVAw-c9tWMY-c9tZ81-c9u1t7-c9u1b9-c9tZEQ-c9tZrA-c9tZiE-c9tVfL-ay5Zf6-bWva18-c9tWfo-GWRyr-tt4rG-fNeWrJ-fNeQmd-b8T2H8-b8T2rP-CALDTF-e8x5hj-9PUh4s (licenced under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-SA 2.0) https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/)

*** Image taken from https://www.flickr.com/photos/batintherain/5278047563/in/photolist-93pnE4-8jUQKV-4MZ4Jg-54HebZ-bGrRqK-5oA673-bnRg9y-7bveyt-4sLF2J-b8T1NT-6VdwgV-xvUJNz-b8T1bX-CAtC6-aX6eZz-qN2MR-qN2Mt-qN2LQ-qN2Lt-qN2Kt-qN2JP-qN2Jv-qN2HX-qN2Hs-qN2Fd-qN2Dr-qN2Bx-qN2Bb-qN2AS-qN2Ad-qN2A2-qN2zG-qN2yR-qN2ya-qN2xS-qN2wB-qN2v7-qN2uE-qN2um-qN2tL-qN2te-qN2sQ-qN2ss-qN2s3-qN2rJ-qN2qM-qN2qm-qN2q1-qN2pD-qN2pe (licenced under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-SA 2.0) https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/)

How to buy UPC codes for Amazon the smart way

If you’re looking to sell any kind of product on Amazon as a vendor, you need to get UPC codes. Amazon is actually five steps ahead of other online commerce platforms. This is not a surprise. After all, Amazon is the 800-pound gorilla of online commerce. They thought of problems before their competitors have even realized such problems exist. That’s how far advanced Amazon is. It truly is an online selling machine.

The main reason why Amazon is requiring vendors and manufacturers selling through its platform to adopt UPC codes is actually quite simple. You see, one of the biggest problems with any kind of online shopping or online commerce is consumer confusion. If you are selling one particular product that goes by different names, then it’s very easy for your consumers to think that they’re dealing with many different products when in reality they’re actually dealing with the same product.


(CC) – Flickr – Bec*

The opposite is also true. It may seem that consumers are talking about the same product, but it turns out that the manufacturers behind these products are actually using the same names, designations, or informal names. It can be a truly confusing mess and what do you think the result would be?


When consumers are confused they don’t buy. Amazon has taken the bull by the horns and required vendors selling on its platform to get UPC codes. UPC codes prevent consumer confusion because by definition these 12-digit barcodes strictly for the United States and Canada are unique.

If you get a UPC code, you are locked in. In theory, no other manufacturer or vendor could use that UPC code that you have attached to your product. You can go ahead and include that code with you product, so that online merchants can feature your product and there will be no risk of confusion.

The difference with UPC codes

As you probably are already aware as an online merchant, there are UPC codes and EAN codes. What’s the big difference? Well, first, EAN codes have 13 digits and they’re used primarily for markets outside of North America. I am of course talking about the US and Canada. UPC codes on the other hand are based on a 12-digit barcode system and are used primarily in the US and Canadian markets.

If you are going to be selling on Amazon and the rest of the world, you need to get UPC codes. If however you’re sure that you’re not going to be selling in North America at all, then you’ll be fine without UPC codes. Again, it’s all about the geographic target of your marketing efforts. If you’re going to be selling in the US or Canada, it’s a good idea to get UPC codes regardless of whether you plan to feature your product on Amazon or not.


(CC) – Flickr – Kieren Pitts**

Why should you be so systematic when looking to buy UPC codes for Amazon?

If you’re looking to buy UPC codes for Amazon, you can do things in the same way as other online merchants. You can simply choose to fly the seat of your pants and deal with things on an “as needed” basis. The problem with is that you’re essentially leaving yourself wide open for scams, shady merchants, and all sorts of people who are hell-bent on wasting your time.

Make no mistake about it, if you’re not going to buy UPC codes for Amazon in a systematic and methodical way, it’s too easy to waste your time. You might think that this is not that big of a deal because you have a lot of time to spare. Well, think again.

If you are the typical manufacturer or distributer and you got tons of products that you’re looking to sell online, this can be a massive headache. If you deal with shady sellers and they give a long list of duplicate UPC codes or UPC codes that don’t exist, you are in a world of hurt. Do yourself a favor and invest the right amount of time, effort, and energy in looking to buy UPC codes of Amazon the smart way. You owe it to yourself.

The best way to buy UPC codes for Amazon: Focus on your branding

As I’ve mentioned earlier, there are always two ways to do anything online: You can do things the easy way or you can do things the hard way. Usually, doing things the easy way is doing things the smart way. This is especially crucial when you’re looking to buy UPC codes for Amazon.

One of the most effective strategies you could ever pursue is to focus on your branding. You see, the way consumers perceive of you brand and perceive of your products are often interrelated. In many cases, they’re one and the same.

If you are very sloppy regarding the codes that you associate with your products, then chances are high that your target consumer would look at your brand as an unprofessional brand. You can’t afford to have this happen. Why? You need all the competitive advantages that you can get. There’s just so much competition out there and every little advantage that you can get can make a big difference as far as your bottom line is concerned.

If you look more professional than your competitors, not only does that translate to better online reviews and better overall sales, but it can translate to a fatter profit margin. I hope you see where I’m coming from.

Common tricks to look out for

If you have resolved to buy UPC codes for Amazon the smart and methodical way, you need to look out for common tricks. If you notice that online distributers or online registries of UPC codes are getting lots of negative reviews, that’s a red flag. Of course, you shouldn’t trust all online reviews. Just because it’s on the internet doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s true. However, where there is some, there is usually fire.


(CC) – Flickr – Sascha Kohlmann ***

Pay attention to the patterns of these reviews. If you see the same complaints over and over regarding duplicate UPC codes, nonexistent UPC codes, or downright fraud perpetrated by the vendor you’re thinking of buying UPC codes from, pay close attention. You have to understand that this is a huge market and there’s a tremendous demand for this service. There are lots of online vendors, manufacturers, and distributors such as yourself looking to buy UPC codes for Amazon.

There’s a lot of money on the line and that’s why this attracts less than scrupulous players. Be on the lookout for the common tricks outlined above. Use online reviews, but don’t trust them automatically. Similarly, don’t trust online chatter. There might be a lot of mentions regarding a particular UPC provider on Twitter, but that doesn’t automatically mean that you should trust that particular provider just because they get a lot of favorable buzz on Facebook or Twitter.

You need to go a little bit deeper. You need to scratch the surface and pay attention to trends. If you notice that the same accounts are saying the same things, that’s a red flag. However, if you notice that many different people in many different times are saying pretty much the same thing and these accounts look real, then you may be standing on solid ground. Don’t automatically trust everything that you read on social media.

Keep your eyes peeled for fake reviews

Now, you may be thinking, “If a blog posted a positive review of the service I’m thinking of using to buy UPC codes for Amazon, then I’m good to go.” Well, you might need to think again because there are many bloggers out there who take money for positive reviews. This is a conflict of interest that victimizes people just like you.

You’re looking for honest reviews. You’re looking for objective assessments of products and services. Unfortunately, there are so many unscrupulous bloggers out there that basically just post the best reviews for pay, so pay attention to the other reviews on that blog. Are they all positive? Do you see some sort of patter? If there’s anything that throws you off, discount that review because it may be fake.

Buy UPC codes for Amazon and take your online shop to the next level

I didn’t mean to scare you with this blog post, but you need to do your due diligence when looking to buy UPC codes for Amazon. You owe it to yourself to save time, effort, and money in your search. Most importantly, if you go with the wrong provider, it can have a profoundly negative impact on your online brand, so be very careful.


* Image taken by Bec on https://www.flickr.com/photos/havucnmycaml/2492753825/in/photolist-4Nh1Se-bzPZw4-9VZgtE-8TYjzc-jGnpvr-p3WFk4-nUKYBE-hYaGrT-jaW6QK-qwRYkn-pm1Vdt-fLbUzH-eodZhX-ntSrVa-nUTefr-hMtdgp-kaamPr-pUuEGx-e1mjnD-hDQPa1-fGyVMa-e3jcFm-fCVwHi-mggL6D-fseBv1-ckT9oQ-8VzKxj-nyvURQ-iN72mu-e17HbX-pAnvxK-myPXkZ-A7m4hk-7QhWTk-oDotC3-gRc57B-htttw5-q4yaNz-93ppsV-tiB8M3-fnzqiJ-gtBm8E-sd3xT8-dgwSZA-4VFqnQ-fTfYRA-jxwv72-ni1i1W-aeYSbT-73Y3yo Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic (CC BY-ND 2.0) (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nd/2.0/)

** Image taken by Kieren Pitts  (https://www.flickr.com/photos/kierenpitts/6033031031/in/photolist-ac7RWp-8VBjDa-qmcP7h-8U2x2s-mBBH2K-35MwFK-m2fhZF-jGncsZ-mNiEyP-hoWJU2-oeoTQw-4Nh1Se-bzPZw4-9VZgtE-8TYjzc-jGnpvr-p3WFk4-nUKYBE-hYaGrT-jaW6QK-qwRYkn-pm1Vdt-fLbUzH-eodZhX-ntSrVa-nUTefr-hMtdgp-kaamPr-pUuEGx-e1mjnD-hDQPa1-fGyVMa-e3jcFm-fCVwHi-mggL6D-fseBv1-ckT9oQ-8VzKxj-nyvURQ-iN72mu-e17HbX-pAnvxK-myPXkZ-A7m4hk-7QhWTk-oDotC3-gRc57B-htttw5-q4yaNz-93ppsV)with the licence Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-SA 2.0) (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/)

*** Image taken by Sascha Kohlmann (https://www.flickr.com/photos/skohlmann/11926825983/in/photolist-jaW6QK-qwRYkn-pm1Vdt-fLbUzH-eodZhX-ntSrVa-nUTefr-hMtdgp-kaamPr-pUuEGx-e1mjnD-hDQPa1-fGyVMa-e3jcFm-fCVwHi-mggL6D-fseBv1-ckT9oQ-8VzKxj-nyvURQ-iN72mu-e17HbX-pAnvxK-myPXkZ-A7m4hk-7QhWTk-oDotC3-gRc57B-htttw5-q4yaNz-93ppsV-tiB8M3-fnzqiJ-gtBm8E-sd3xT8-dgwSZA-4VFqnQ-fTfYRA-jxwv72-ni1i1W-aeYSbT-73Y3yo-qskMbm-ndcmok-nqxTYN-hJyURk-nsWtU1-dwwHtb-r9E7MZ-qskJq1) with the licence Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-SA 2.0) (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/)

How to buy EAN codes the right way

Buy UPC codes | Buy EAN codes

As you probably already know, EAN stands for European Article Number. However, its official name is International Article Number, but the old acronym has been retained. The meaning is somewhat different, but the acronym of EAN still remains the same. Online merchants need EAN 13-digit bar codes for unique identification of whatever products they’re selling on their online shop.

The reason why online shops like Amazon and other online sellers require EAN codes is to prevent product confusion. You see, thanks to the internet almost anybody can come up with an online shop and offer their products for sale to an international audience. As you can probably already know, there are many ways to name the same product.

On the other hand, different products might also go by the same name. Do you see how confusing this is? Do you see how people can end up with a situation where they think they’re comparing the same product when it turns out they’re actually looking at two totally different items for sale? Similarly, online consumers might think that they are looking at two totally different items when it turns out it’s actually the same product.

The move towards an international article numbering system is long overdue and the EAN code is a key part of that standardization. EAN codes are actually subsets of the original Universal Product Code or UPC system that was originally developed in the United States.

If you are selling items in the US or Canada, you have to use the original 12-digit UPC code. However, if you are selling products exclusively outside of the US and Canada, you need to get an EAN barcode. If you are already on board regarding the importance of these codes and you’re looking to buy EAN codes, hold on a second. You might end up buying the wrong codes or you might end up getting ripped off. In other words, you might end up doing things the wrong way.

Just like with anything else in life, there’s always a right way and a wrong way of doing things. If you decided to buy EAN codes, you can go about doing it in such a way that you end up wasting your time, effort, and money. Just like with anything else involving your online business or other activities in your life, you can choose to do things the right way. You can choose to do things in a systematic and methodical way.

If you plan to sell on Amazon, you need to buy EAN codes.

Buy UPC codes for Amazon | Buy EAN codes for Amazon

Having a UPC or EAN code makes your shop look more professional

If you’re selling anything in your online shop, simply designating all your products by UPC or EAN codes make your online operations look that much more professional. As I’ve mentioned earlier, it’s so easy for online consumers to get confused regarding product designations. Make their job of shopping much easier. The less confused your consumers are, the higher the likelihood that they would buy from your online shop. It doesn’t get any simpler than that. This should be one of the primary driving reasons why you should buy EAN codes.

Be aware of the downside of using UPC codes

Whenever you’re using UPC codes or EAN codes, there is a big downside. The big downside is that people will automatically zero in on the product and quickly shift over to the price. Instead of comparing products based on who sells them online and the customer service and delivery experience that usually goes with a particular product sold by a particular vendor, most consumers simply focus on the price. This can be a problem because a lot of consumers get burned by less than scrupulous or downright shady online merchants.

Sadly, if you are going to be featuring UPC codes on your online shop, you run the risk of essentially engaging in race to the bottom with much cheaper online shopping competitors. This is the big downside that goes with your decision to buy EAN codes.

Look up your product before you decide to buy EAN codes

Before you decide to get universal codes for your products, look up your products. Make sure that they don’t already have EAN codes assigned to them. You’d be surprised as to how quickly seemingly unique products get assigned EAN or UPC codes. You don’t want to go all the time hassle and effort of getting special codes when it turns out that you didn’t need to. Do yourself a big favor and assume that your seemingly unique product already has a UPC code or EAN code attached to it.

Make sure you’re looking up the right products

One of the main reason why many online entrepreneurs draw false negative or a false positive in their search for EAN codes is that they were actually researching the wrong products. Make sure you are looking up the right model, brand, and manufacturer. Get as much details about the products you’re selling, so that you can be sure that you’re looking up the right products. This is crucial before you buy EAN codes.

In many cases, you might get a false negative. You might end up wasting a lot of time thinking that the product that you’re thinking of selling still doesn’t have a code.

Focus on distinctions

It’s important to make sure that you’re aware that there are certain distinctions within the same product line. Brands often come up with special collections or specially manufactured lines of products. Focus on these distinctions. It may turn out that some lines are so specialized and driven by certain occasions like special holiday programs that they don’t have an EAN code yet. In such a situation, it makes all the sense in the world for you to buy EAN codes for the specialized products you’re selling.

Don’t just focus on price when looking to buy EAN codes

Assuming that you actually need to get out there and buy product identification codes for your store, the next step is to not fixate on prices offered by vendors selling these codes. This is the worst thing that you can do. Instead, you should focus on how robust their database is in giving you truly unique codes. Also, pay attention to their assignation number.

The reason you’re paying attention to all this is because you’re looking for trusted providers. You don’t want to deal with shady providers that would basically give you duplicates or trick you by giving you a code that doesn’t exist.

The tricky task of looking for trusted providers

You might think that finding trusted vendors of EAN codes is a slam dunk. You might think that it’s a pretty straightforward affair, it isn’t. The reason why it can get tricky is because a lot of providers out there get a lot of positive online reviews.

The problem with these online reviews is that you have to take them with a grain of salt and in some cases you have to take them with a block of salt. It doesn’t take much effort for a code provider to hire people to post positive reviews of their service online. This can extend to blog posts as well as crowdsourced online rating systems. You need to be aware of this if you’ve decided to buy EAN codes.

Finally, your decision to buy EAN codes should be a part of your online branding efforts. You have to tie in whatever codes you’ve purchased as well as the presentation and positioning of the products that you are buying these codes for in the context of your larger online brand. Otherwise, you’re leaving a lot of money on the table. This is a tremendous opportunity and it can make your online shopping brand all the more professional and trustworthy.

Keep all the tips above in mind when looking to buy EAN codes. It’s not as easy as you think. I mean, just as you would buy any kind of product or service online, you need to do your due diligence. Otherwise, it’s too easy to get ripped off.